11:54 p.m.

Note to self:

Next new winter widow I meet is going to get an electric blanket for her bed from me!

Thanks, Mom.

Pat was always so warm.  Piled-on blankets just don’t do it for me.

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  1. Margie Fink

    My sweet Nancy,
    You are right, nothing will take Pat’s warm place, BUT the electric blanket does keep you warm on those cold nights.
    Love you very much,

  2. hathomas

    this doesn’t really tie in with the cold. when i opened this site, the picture of you two with a baby in cart in a church pew popped up at the top. i always thought you must have been waiting for a baptism or something, so dressed up. but today, i noticed a bottle in pat’s hands. he looks so serious with it, both hands wrapped around it. “this is my child’s bottle that i’ve got control of today, and i’m going to control this bottle. everything else can fall as it may, but the bottle is mine.” it brought a smile to my face. i hope it does yours.

  3. Nancy Sawyer


    I love your comment! That picture of Pat and me is with baby Daniel. We were at my sister Julie’s wedding back in 1993.

    I was solely nursing Daniel at that age, and he hadn’t taken a bottle before. He also never took a pacifier. I was wearing a dress that made it impossible to graciously or modestly nurse a baby in a chapel, and I was so worried that Daniel would start crying and make me miss my sister’s wedding.

    So, we had filled that bottle for a “just-in-case” scenario. It was to be Pat’s first time feeding his baby with a bottle.

    So, yes, he was serious! Patrick was a very serious first-time Papa. My siblings could relate all kinds of stories of how serious he was with Daniel.

    He learned to relax a bit with each new baby.

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