Common Circle

This morning, an email to Patrick popped in my mailbox saying,

Hello Patrick,

Do you live to feel the sun on your face and the wind in your hair? Do you love to be active and outdoors, exploring in vibrantly beautiful natural settings? Does the prospect of sighting a whale, breaching off the coast in sparkling blue water, bring a smile of joy to your face?

As a matter of fact, YES!  YES, he does love all that!  That little blurb came from regular newsletters from Common Circle Expeditions, an organization with the tagline:

Intention + Presence + Permaculture Design + Healthy Communities = Sustainability
Live with intention.  Explore organic farms and eco-communities in beautiful natural
settings.  Meet incredible people who are on your wavelength, and join them in
enriching service projects.  Live in the moment and reclaim your connection
to the earth, your community and yourself.

Patrick regularly received these newsletters.  It was his dream.  He often told my sons that when they were a bit older, we were going to bike across America and do these kinds of bike expeditions.  His becoming a nurse and eventually joining a “traveling nurse” organization, we were going to pack our homeschooled kids up and travel around America.

The five us, with the help of my dear family and friends, are in the beginning stages of reformulating our family’s life plan.  In two weeks, Patrick was to graduate, and our family was to finally have a whole new plan.  We’ll have a whole new plan.