Day 4, Early Saturday Morning

Patrick had a decent night last night! His head/brain pressure stayed within acceptable levels considering his condition. He did not need any additional medicines to keep it that way through the night.

More later…


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  1. Judy Doyle

    I am a neighbor of the Sawyers. They are an awesome family. Patrick is a wonderful dad. I’ve had the pleasure of watching Patrick play with his kids in the yard. What a joyful sight!! Hang in there. I believe God will pull you through this tough time.
    God Bless,

  2. ronglo

    How ironic. Two years ago you were at the bedside of another family member who was in a coma and on a vent. Having seen him a few weeks ago at the reunion and doing so well, we pray that Pat will recover and also do well.
    You and your extended family have and are suffering much, but know that once again there are hundreds of people praying for Pat and all of you.
    Uncle Ron and Gloria

  3. proudmamanwife

    this is Patrick Halls’ wife sending love and prayers to your family.

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