Can I say that Patrick’s entire funeral service was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had?  Hundreds of people who Patrick has touched during his lifetime were present all at once to celebrate his wondrous, incredible life!  Every person there brought me so much joy.

My children and some of Patrick’s nieces and nephews wrote letters to him that were closed in his casket and will be part of his ashes.

In the next few posts, I want to include some of the eulogies that were given for Patrick. (If any of you spoke at the funeral without written text, I’d love it if you could put it into typed words for me to share.)  Not everyone was able to make it to the funeral, so I want to share these.

I’d like to also include the lyrics to the songs that were song by my sister-in-law, Sarah Fink, during the funeral.  Sarah was an amazingly huge help to me in planning the entire service–I was in a nightmare, disbelieving I was actually planning my husband’s FUNERAL.

Sarah and Fr. David Scheidler (who I am friends with from years ago when I was in Colorado as a Holy Cross Associate and he was in his novitiate year) came to my home a couple days before the funeral and helped me choose songs that would express our sorrow yet move us to celebration and joy for Patrick’s life.  Sarah played the guitar while she and Fr. Dave sang together the most beautiful words that brought me to tears.  Sarah is now in Arizona singing for my brother’s little stepson’s funeral.

I will share these lyrics soon.