It’s All Over

Saddest possible news…..
July 21, 2008
Details so far….
July 21, 2008

It’s All Over

My beautiful husband, Patrick John Sawyer, is gone.  His heart simply gave out around 2:30 a.m.

My heart…

My kids…



  1. JennySecord says:

    I’m so very sorry for your loss. I’m another cousin (Pat’s Aunt Dottie’s youngest daughter). Pat and Dan were the two Sawyer cousins I remember the most since they were my age. Pat was only a month younger than me and my twin brother, Mike.
    This is such a senseless tragedy. I’ll keep your family in my prayers.

  2. Laura Meyer says:

    Nancy, Danny, Joey, Tommy and Laura,
    I will always remember when Pat took Kate and I out for our first kayak lesson. Even though we paddled from one side of the St. Joe river to the other, instead of in a straight line, Pat always had an encouraging word for us. He was a special man and will be greatly missed. We care about you and are praying for you.
    The Meyers – Mike, Laura, Josh, Luke, Molly, Melissa and Megan

  3. Doug Urey says:

    Nancy, Danny, Joey, Tommy and Laura,
    We can only imagine your sorrow. Our prayers go out to you and your families. Pat is one of the really good ones. We only learned of Pat’s accident today through our South Bend connection. Laureen and the kids were there a few weeks ago and came back commenting how much safer bicycling is here in Oregon. We never imagined it would hit so close to home.
    The Urey’s – Doug, Laureen, Brandon, Jessica

  4. in Idaho says:

    To the loving family and many friends of Patrick Sawyer;

    The heart-wrenching loss of such a profound human being can be very difficult to understand.
    As I have read through all of the comments left by those who know, love and respect this man it is obvious to me that the time he spent in your lives he touched your hearts, offered a kind, encourging word, a smile, or an ear to listen, accompished a lot of the work God intended him to do during his short time on this Earth.
    Patrick obviously felt there was more of himself to give and chose to study to become a nurse. His desire to learn and accomplish more and give more of himself is a lesson to us all. His work will not go undone. He brought into this world 4 very fortunate children and because of him they shall carry that same desire. They will continue to be guided by his love and his memory.
    May the love, prayers and peace of those around you help you all through this time and the days, months and years to come. Cherish every smile from one another and know Patrick is smiling with you.

  5. RandyW says:

    Nancy, Danny, Joey, Tommy and Laura,

    I am so sorry for your loss. I only got to meet Patrick once when he offered to help with my kayaking skills. I could tell right away what a dedicated hardworking person he was. I only wish I could have got to know him more. I know you have a lot of family and friends for support but if there is anything you need, I am there for you.

    Randy Whiteman

  6. sweiss says:

    O my God! O my God! Verily, thy servant, humble before the majesty of Thy divine supremacy, lowly at the door of Thy oneness, hath believed in Thee and in Thy verses, hath testified to Thy word, hath been enkindled with the fire of Thy love, hath been immersed in the depths of the ocean of Thy knowledge, hath been attracted by Thy breezes, hath relied upon Thee, hath turned his face to Thee, hath offered his supplications to Thee, and hath been assured of Thy pardon and forgiveness. He hath abandoned this mortal life and hath flown to the kingdom of immortality, yearning for the favor of meeting Thee.

    O Lord, glorify his station, shelter him under the pavilion of Thy supreme mercy, cause him to enter Thy glorious paradise, and perpetuate his existence in Thine exalted rose garden, that he may plunge into the sea of light in the world of mysteries.

    Verily, Thou art the Generous, the Powerful, the Forgiver and the Bestower.


  7. Kathy Ritchie says:

    Patrick was a previous student of mine at IUSB and I also knew him from the family’s involvement with the Michiana Stingrays as well. He was a wonderful person who was dedicated, intelligent, friendly, and very caring. I am so sorry for your loss. He will be missed.

  8. KathySteveSkinner says:

    Dear Nancy & family,

    Our deepest sympathies are with you now and as you deal with this terrible tragedy. I didn’t know Pat, but from everything I’ve read he’s an amazing husband, dad & friend. He will live on in the hearts and minds of all the people he has touched. You were blessed to have such an incredible spirit in your lives, it should have been for many more years. Hold on to your memories, share them and your pain. Know that the thoughts & prayers of many, many people are with you now & always.

    To Danny, Joey, Tommy and Laura,
    I’m so sorry you Dad was taken from you. He loved you to eternity & back & will be with you always. He watches over you and loves you forever. He was a shining example of what a Dad should be. It should have been for many more years. Our thoughts & prayers are with you.

    Kathy & Steve Skinner
    Steve & Kathy Skinner

  9. Jamie Detwiler says:

    Nancy, kids, and family,

    Even though you don’t know who I am, I was given the pleasure to meet your husband, father, and family member at IUSB through the nursing program. I met Pat all the way back in Anatomy and Physiology and new from that moment he was one of the most intelligent students I had ever met. Through many of our future classes together, as well as clinicals, he was always someone you new you could go to if you had a question or didn’t understand something. He was always so happy and had such high goals and aspirations for his future. It was nice talking with him because many of his future goals and mine were the same. I can only imagine what a great father he was. He showed how caring and compassionate he was when working with the children in our pediatric clinical together. It was so nice to see a man so attentive to a young child or babies needs.

    I am truly sadden and heartbroken not just for the loss of a fellow student, but for you, Nancy, your children, and his other dear family members. There are no words I can leave you with that with soften your pain or hurt, but I will continue to pray for you, Nancy, all of your children, and family that have been so deeply devastated by the loss of such a beautiful person. He is and will remain an example to all.

    Jamie Detwiler
    Fellow IUSB Nursing Student

  10. Isabelle Odhiambo says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with Patricks family. May God give you the strength that you need especially during this very difficult time.

    Isabelle Odhiambo
    Fellow IUSB nursing student

  11. pam metts says:

    I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. I knew Patrick through paddleing with my sister and brother-in-law Deb and Bill Kanost. I thought Patrick was a very nice person and I thought he was amazing as a paddler.I remember your paddlefest races you hosted, you made them fun for everyone and their families.My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. Pam Metts

  12. Kelsey Solano says:

    I am lifting you and your family up in prayer during this difficult time. It was my pleasure to have known Patrick as a fellow nursing student

    Kelsey Newcomer Solano

  13. Hannah Kim says:

    I am so saddened and heartbroken to hear the loss of your husband.
    I know Patrick personally from school. We happened to sit next to each other in class and discussed the coming exams and homework. I remember that he was so excited about getting into an accelerated nursing program. he was an excellent student and wonderful friend. My payers go out to you and your family.

    Hannah Kim

  14. Julia says:

    Nancy & kids,

    Our family sends you our deepest sympathies and prayers of support. Your dad laid a great foundation for you to know how to embrace life and honor him in that. What a great gift he has left you!

    Yours Truly,
    Julia Fenstermacher & Family
    (From the Homeeducators Conference)

  15. kayakgirl says:

    While I was not blessed to have known Patrick, you or your family, my heart goes out to each of you. My hope is that you find comfort in knowing that even those with whom you have never met are praying for you…praying that you find strength in this most difficult time.