Marathon Event

I just received some excellent advice from Buzz, one of Pat’s paddling friends:

Remember to pace yourself, this is a marathon event and you will need your strength later. Set your priorities and follow the plan.

Patrick’s passion is competitive marathon paddling–endurance, strength, racing strategy–all trained abilities that are helping him in his most critical “marathon” event now.  All abilities I need to begin to learn now from my precious husband in my marathon event.

The United States Canoe Association is having it’s huge week-long Nationals event in Bristol, Indiana this year–in just a couple weeks.  Patrick has competed in Nationals for the last several years, even winning a national championship title in marathon downriver kayaking.  I have always been on the sidelines for him cheering him on.  This year, he wanted very badly for me to be his tandem kayak partner at Nationals.

Perhaps Patrick and I are not on separate “marathon” events right now.  I am his tandem partner in this. In the boat, his strength propelled and steered the boat for me.  Maybe it’s my turn to now to be the strong one.  He needs a rest.


Paddle ON!

Patrick at Paddlefest 2006
Patrick at Paddlefest 2006