Moped Driver Killed in Elkhart

More awareness is needed on everyone’s part–drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, mo-peds, wheelchairs!!

Here’s the most recent in our community: Man on moped killed in Elkhart collision

My sincerest condolences to Garry Holloway’s family.  He was only 28.

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  1. Emi Ransom

    I miss and Love my son , Garry James Holloway very much. He had so much to offer the world and now in a short instance he's gone. He served in the Army and was using his military benefits to go to school to become a nurse like his mom, me. Highest form of flattery. I'm a Trauma Operating Room Nurse. I save others and was unable to save my own son. Garry was attending the University of Indiana. He had an Apt. and seemed to be settleling down to perhaps start a family of his own. He was a Sunday school bus driver for church kids. Joined the Army to become a veterinarian – he loved animals. For awhile he wanted to be a teacher/ preacher. He read his Bible. Would not Cuss or Drink Alcohol. He was too good. Maybe that's why God took him to be in Heaven to be at his Right Hand. He was amazing at the computer/ would make me personal screen savers. He'll always be my twinkling Star. He was brillant, intelligent, good looking. I am very proud of my son. My baby. Love you, Garry-Kins! Mommy (Emilyann K.H. Ransom)

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