My Dream

This is Laura.  I’m 8.  I had a dream with Papa in it this morning.  It was a dream in my dream where Tommy, all my cousins, and I were fighting over taffy, and I went back in the bedroom, and I saw Papa just sitting on the bed and Mama was still sleeping.  Then, the phone rang so she woke up and left to answer it. Papa, Tommy, and I were all cuddling in the bed.

While I was cuddling, I felt Papa’s shoulder–just rubbing it lightly.  Then Papa reached up his other arm, but his hand was off, which kind of alarmed me, but it was okay.  Then he said, “It’s time to brush our teeth, guys.”  And then I was staying there in bed, so I hurried to catch up with him and took off my covers, but I woke up because in real life I took off my covers.

I actually felt his skin!  It makes me feel happy.  I had my Papa back.



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  1. Mary

    Hi Laura,
    I love your dream, thank you for sharing it with us. Jimmy sometimes dreams about your papa too. You should ask him because I forgot what he told me they were about!
    I’m sure Papa is trying to still cuddle with you whenever he can and he can do it through your dreams. He loves you SO much.
    Aunt Mary

  2. liz sawyer

    Hi Laura!
    I am your cousin, Liz. A few weeks ago, I had a dream about your dad too! I remember feeling his presence and seeing him do things….I just don’t remember what those things were. I think these dreams we are having is a way for your dad to talk and comfort us.

    Love you,

  3. Mary

    Hi Laura,
    This is Jimmy.
    I had a dream about Uncle Pat too.
    We were riding in a car with Uncle Pat and Uncle Mike. When I saw Uncle Pat I said to him “I thought you were gone” and he told me
    “No I am not gone, I am right here”

  4. Pam Lawrence

    Hi Laura,

    I have been reading your families’ story all summer.

    It is very nice to see your post.

    Your dreams are a great way to keep your Papa close to your heart.

    Thank you for sharing your dream, it put a big smile on my face and I’m sure that day it put one on your face too.

  5. Dan Sawyer

    Hi Laura

    I have dreams about your Papa to. They always have water in them, and he is always either smiling or giving me advice.

    These dreams and the memories I have always make me happy. I really like remembering the times when we would swim untill we were so tired we could barely drive home from the cliffs. Those were great times.

    I planted a White Oak Tree the other day and named it Patrick. I chose White Oak because they are big and strong just like your Papa. Maybe some day you guys can come and see it.


    Uncle Dan

  6. Mary

    Laura and Tommy,
    I love this idea of planting trees for Papa, I think it is something that he would love, and it would be our constant reminder of him every time we look out of our windows, or go outside where he always loved to be.

    Pam, thank you for the tree idea. And Dan, thank you for planting a Patrick Tree – that is so wonderful.

    Aunt Mary

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