My Thoughts About Pat

This is Mary – Nancy asked us to share what we said about Pat at the Memorial Service we had after the funeral, so here is mine:

There are no words that can describe what Pat means to me.  He and Nancy have been my lifeline.  Pat stepped in to be a father to my boys after they lost their father at a very young age.  No one asked Pat to do this, he just did it because that is the kind of person he is.  He was so involved in his own family and his own activities that he was always very busy, but he was never too busy to talk to Teddy and Jimmy, go on walks with them, go to swim meets, swim team banquets, soccer games, run, swim, bike and train with them.  He was teaching them to kayak and he and Jimmy were planning to train together.

Pat was far more than just “my sister’s husband” to me.  He was my best friend, my cheerleader, my support.  He and I were so excited about him beginning his nursing career and couldn’t wait to see what experiences we could discuss.  He already was a good nurse, taking such good care of our Dad 2 years ago.

He and Nancy were so happy.  They had the life and love most others only dream of.  Pat is still with us, in Nancy’s heart, in their 3 “little Pats” – Danny, Joey and Tommy – and in their sweet little Laura.

Pat, I love you forever, thank you for loving me and my boys, and for being a part of our hearts and lives forever.