Pedaling For Patrick

Yesterday evening was simply amazing!  Although it was an extremely hot and humid day, I had the chills as I watched hundreds of people of all ages pedal for Patrick.  Patrick always tried to be involved in our community, so this memorial bike ride was simply a perfect tribute to him–his community truly gave to him.  God, I so wish he was there!

I’d love to read comments from those who participated–what was it like for you?

There’s a WNDU news video of the ride here.

I truly feel the support of you all!



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  1. bruce

    i didn’t know Patrick personally, but i know of his spirit and what i can see in the strength of his family. he will be missed by even those of us that didn’t know him or ride with him.

    i started riding with the tues Outpost Sports group just this year, and seeing the turnout for the memorial ride was incredible. i was proud to be a part of it.

    i would estimate 1000 riders, and there was a mix of somber respect, and laughter all mixed in. as i rode i decided to keep silent and think about Patrick, there was a moment i was near tears, and then felt at peace.

    i saw people standing in doorways waving. i heard good people all around me, i saw sad and happy faces, and at the end of 4 miles… calm, quiet and happy.

    stay strong – thoughts and prayers for you and the kids

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