Pete Kaczor’s Ride

My family, friends, and I attended Pete Kaczor’s Memorial Bike Ride this evening.  I was able to meet some of Pete’s family and friends and learn more of what a wonderful man Pete was.  I can’t believe I was doing this again so soon after Pat’s memorial ride!

I was glad to see the media covering the ride:

  • WNDU story and video, reporter Sarah Platt.My 14-year-old Daniel spoke in this video.  He had a lot to say, but of course it was edited and shortened.  Daniel has been doing some serious thinking lately about all the issues surrounding his Papa’s death, and he had wanted to help progress the bike/car/road safety issue.

Another cyclist was hit in South Bend this morning.  He was taken to the hospital with arm and back pain according to this WNDU story and video.  WNDU also included bicycle/car safety tips in this story. I think the article did a good job to promote both cyclist and driver awareness.  Too often we see uninformed cyclists riding unsafely.


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  1. AdamBee

    That was a very good interview by Daniel.

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