Saddest possible news…..

I’m so sorry to have to say this  – My heart is completely broken, to have to tell you all that Pat passed away during the night, around 2:30a.m.

Of all things, it was his heart that gave out….   We have no explanation for something like this.

Nancy, Danny, Joey, Tommy and Laura need all of our deepest love and support right now and we are working hard to be there for them in every possible way we can.

Pat dearly, DEARLY loves his precious wife and children, and ALL of his family and friends.

We are incredibly blessed to be a part of his heart and of his life.

We will offer more details later…..

Thank you so very very very much for your wonderful love and kindness and support.

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  1. cekayak

    I’m so sorry, Nancy and Mary. This is a terrible thing. I can’t think of anything to say that would approach how much I feel. Pat was an inspiration to all of us. We’ve watched him for many years now and saw how he would change himself to keep up with circumstances. He was always looking forward not figuring out why or what happened but how he could make it work. He sure won’t be forgotten. He’ll keep inspiring us to be our better selves.
    Please keep us updated on arrangements.

    Mac wants to tell you,”That’s incredibly sad. I really like Pat. He treated me nice. I think he liked me, too. I’m very sorry, Danny, Tom, Joey, and Laura.”

  2. csobun

    Dear Nancy and family. I can’t even express my sadness. My deepest sympathy to you all. Please let us know if there is anything we can do.

    Camille and Andy Sobun

  3. Tracey Malesa-Wheaton

    Dear Nancy and family:

    I am terribly sorry to hear this news. I cannot even begin to imagine the loss that you all must be feeling now. My family and I will continue to hold Pat and your family in our thoughts and prayers. May God bless you all as you begin your journey of healing.

    Tracey Malesa Wheaton

  4. David Schmokel

    I am so sorry to hear this news!! My heart is also broken and I feel for each and every one of his family members. I work at Frepan Floral Shop in south bend. I we can be of any assistance to anyone please do not hessitate to call. With heartfelt sympathy I will close this message. ~David Schmokel

  5. pogren

    I am so sorry……I have no words……I am praying for all who new and loved him

  6. Roger Diana Crisp

    Dear Nancy and kids,

    When we heard this morning we were devastated. Could not believe that Pat had gone with God. We have been praying day and night for his recovery. There must be a reason but don’t know what So sorry for you, Danny, Joey, Tommy and Laura. will be hard for you all but you have a wonderful family and friends that will be there to help you get through this.. Pat was one our favorite people. Level headed, capable and never got full of himself. Very affectionate. He was a great DAD and you are a great MOM
    God bless you and tiyr children and your family. If we can do anything, let us know.

    Love you …Roger and Diana

  7. Marcia Smoke

    Dear Nancy & Family,

    Jennifer, Jeff and I were quite devastated to hear the sad news.

    I remember Pat coming to our house to paddle with Jeff a few times.
    In fact Jeff saw his car with kayaks last week in the Notre Dame area and commented on it.

    We remember Pat as a truly kind and generous man. He will certainly be missed.

    Marcia, Jennifer & Jeff Smoke

  8. kellysue

    To Danny, Joey, Tommy and Laura,

    We would be very sad if it were our Dad and we feel very sorry for you. He was a good man. We will always be here for you.

    Love Conor and Dorre

  9. Ellyn Stecker

    We are so sorry to hear of your husband’s death. We ride some but would ride much more if there were safe routes down and through town.
    We send our best regards to you and to your family. Sincerely
    Ellyn Stecker and Peter Smith

  10. kathleen petitjean

    Dear Nancy, Laura, Daniel, Joseph and Thomas,

    There are no words to express my profound sympathy for the loss of your husband and father.

    Pat met with the St Joe Valley Greens several years ago when he first envisioned Paddlefest as a way to encourage our community to embrace the wondrous gift of the beautiful river that flows through our community. His energy, creativity and love of the river and its potential seemed boundless and it was a joy to watch his ideas take root.

    He will truly be missed by everyone who had the pleasure to know him.

    I am so, so sorry for all of you who loved him dearly.

  11. stephanie

    Nancy and family,

    How does one find a peace of mind with such a tragic death? You have my deepest sorrow and sympathy. It’s very hard to understand….. I was there when you and Pat got engaged…. I clearly remember the shear happiness at that moment. I will never forget what an energetic, competitive, warm, caring, fun-loving man Pat was. I was lucky to have known him. The boys always come home to Arizona with “sargent Pat” stories…they will miss him terribly and his strict summer “camp” at the Finks.
    I will pray that you find the peace of mind to carry on with yours and Pat’s beautiful children.
    Stephanie Fink

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