Saturday Afternoon

Patrick’s nurse and physician are performing a delicate balancing act with his cranial pressure and blood pressure. His blood pressure has been too low, and his cranial pressure too high. Unfortunately, medical interventions to correct one problem can adversely effect the other. He is under superb care!

My sister Mary and my father are standing vigil at the hospital right now while I attempt a nap. I have not been sleeping well at night. It’s difficult to stop my mind and emotions in their roller coaster ride.


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  1. MattAndDanielle

    Nancy and family,
    We are thinking about you guys up here in Grayling. A lot of paddlers here have been asking about Pat and how he is doing. Stay strong and know that many people are here for you.

    Matt and Danielle

  2. Tara Stokes

    I am one of Patrick’s professors at IUSB. I just read of this tragic news!! I just want you to know that I am so sorry you all are going through this right now! If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. I will be thinking about you all and will keep you in my prayers!

  3. Steve

    Hi Nancy –

    Can imagine your inability to sleep. Happy that dad and Mary are stepping in for you.

    Be assured of our thoughts and prayers.

    Love and Peace


  4. Steve

    Hi Tara –

    Thanks for your comments — you sound like a very caring person.



  5. tlsawyer

    Hi Nancy!

    Tom and I are truly relieved after seeing Patrick today. Although we know he still has a long way to go. But seeing how the hospital help is doing such a great job and your family being sooo supportive, it helps ease the anxiety of it all.

    It’s times like these that family and friends can really step up and that’s what we are here for….anything at all

    Our prayers go out to you and our little brother!

    Love, Lisa & Tom

  6. delora schneider

    Hello Nancy and family,
    thanks for keeping us in the loop! We are thinking about you and praying for Patrick. Mondays will be empty without him in class! You have my number if you need ANYTHING! Ed and Delora

  7. Paul_Jenny

    I would like to start by letting Nancy and the rest of the family know that Jenny and I have you all in our prayers. I cannot express the sorrow that I feel thinking about Pat in the ICU. We really appreciated being able to visit him. It helped me to deal with the shock and disbelief. I so wish that he was standing next to me helping to care for our patients. I know he is getting the best care possible and that he is a fighter. His courage and dedication is among the best. I know that he is giving this his all. Keep fighting Pat! We need you here.

    Peace and respect,
    Paul and Jenny

  8. kristin Hendrix

    Thank you for the updates, I hope you are sleeping and getting the rest you need right now. We are praying for a miraculous recovery and the swelling to recede, temp, and blood pressure to regulate. We lifted your husband up in prayer tonight, as well as you and your children, please mention in your updates any needs or specific circumstances and we’ll cover you in prayer. And if there is anything else you need-please mention that as well, there is a supportive community at your disposal.
    The Hendrix Family
    James 1: 3-4

  9. Glenda Davidson

    Nancy, I’m Glenda Davidson, currently Patrick’s Capstone Management Instructor and have also had him in pediatrics. My thoughts and prayers have been with you since Wednesday morning when we started hearing about it. It must be extremely difficult to see him lying still. I want to thank you for setting this up. We so desparately want news that it is extremely difficult not to try to seek it. May God’s love surround you and His strength lift you up.



    Nancy, I’m an ICU nurse at St. Joe Med Center where Patrick did his capstone for one night a week ago last thursday. It was a shock to the entire ICU staff when we heard about the news. Patrick is such a nice guy that we were already asking him to get a job in our unit when he graduates.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the kids. I know it has to be very difficult to watch him in that condition.
    Remember that the good Lord is watching over him. My prayer is that the Lord hasten Pat’s recovery and continue to give you and the kids peace and strength to be able to face each day during this difficult time.


    Nancy and Mary, I want to thank you you so much for this website and the updates. As soon as we heard about Patrick, we wondered how we were going to get updates on his progress. As ICU nurses in St Joe, we knew the importance of restricting visitation with head injury patients and therefore visiting him wasn’t going to be possible for now. Several of us worked last night at St Joe and we browsed on SouthBend Tribune for updates. Thats where we found the info on this website.
    We would also like you to know that on Thursday we started a donation project to assist the family with the expenses. E.J. who is our staff in ICU and also an IUSB instructor will forward it to you.
    Nancy, I cannot emphasis enough what a nice and proper young man Patrick is. I did get an opportunity to talk to him at length on that night when he had his capstone with us. May the good Lord continue to heal him and may his peace always abide with you and the kids.

  12. Tracey Malesa-Wheaton

    Dear Nancy and family:

    I am in receipt of Maria Harding’s e-mail and I am so terribly sorry to hear about this accident. It’s positively heart-wrenching. I will be sure to include Partrick and your entire family in my daily prayers and will try my best to send “light” and positive thoughts his way. If there is anything I can do- if I can be of service in any way, please be sure to let me know. 574-217-8346. God Bless.

    Tracey Malesa-Wheaton

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