Saturday Update

Hi this is Mary – I visited with Pat twice today. He continues to sleep peacefully while his brain is healing. It can be difficult at times to balance keeping the pressure on his brain (ICP) down, while keeping his blood pressure up. The nurses are very attentive to him and are giving him excellent care.

Like Nancy has said, it is very difficult to see Pat lying so still like this. He is the most active person I know, not ever sitting still for long.

We are all on a roller coaster ride with our emotions right now. We are very hopeful that he will have a good recovery, but still worry about all the stresses his body is going through right now. He is in a very critical time right now with the swelling in his brain. It may take a few more days before it starts to go down, and we have to pray it doesn’t go any higher first.

We thank everyone for all of your kind thoughts and prayers, it means so much more to us than you can even know. I am in awe of the kindness of people, so many offering kind words, dinners, helping with the kids, etc. It is truly heartwarming and renews my faith in humanity.

Please check out the nice news story that was done by WSBT – there is a link in the left column.

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  1. kratzers

    Nancy, I’m not just praying for a miracle, I’m expecting one. Pat is the first thought on my mind every morning and the last one every night. We are all praying so much. Barry’s aunts have Pat on prayer chains at several churches in town and even one in South Carolina from the Duerksen family. Hang in there, I know the waiting is just terrible. Our prayers are with you and the kids also

  2. ronglo

    Dear Nancy and Pat,
    There is little we can do here in Wisconsin except keep you all in our prayers and positive thoughts. BUT this is big bicycling country and so we are taking your challenge to turn this accident into something good. We are sending the link to the news story to all friends (including some who ride without helmets) and will become very vocal locally, In a year from now, when you think back upon this scary time, you’ll be able to see all the good it accomplished. That will be our goal. Plus, we know you’ll all be out on bikes, safely, by that time. Lots of love sent your way, Uncle Ron and Gloria

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