Sunday Morning

Things are a little scary right now.  Pat’s heart rate is up, his oxygen is down, and his pressure in his brain is high.  They sent Nancy out of the room.  Please pray.

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  1. rschwager

    Our prayers go out to you. I am a cyclist myself and have been hit by a car. Luckily not as serious as Patrick. We pray for a speedy and 100% full recovery.

  2. cekayak

    OH, Nancy, I wish we could be there to hold you all and give you comfort. I understand the need for calm and quiet but it’s hard to stay away and wait for news. I check the web site several times a day hoping for good news. Thank you so much for keeping us informed. Remember we’re all out here somewhere praying and keeping you in our thoughts.
    Jan, Terry, and Mac


    Dear Nancy and family
    We pray for a complete recovery of Pat. We trust the Lord will take care of him and your family.
    yours in prayer,
    Anne, Tish, Tim, and Brooke Sawyer

  4. kratzers

    Nancy, thank you soooo much for keeping us all informed, We are all with you , and the kids in thought and prayer We love you.


  5. Jeff Brown

    Nancy and family
    My thoughts and prayers are with Pat, you and your family.
    Jeff Brown (friend of Anne Sawyer.)

  6. Cyndi Sofhauser

    I remember when I first met Patrick. He came to speak with me about what it meant to be nurse; he had many questions about the profession, a reflection of that analytical mind of his. I could clearly see in Patrick a man with a caring heart, a generous spirit, and a brilliant mind, all the qualities that make an excellent nurse. The last time I saw him he was studying for a critical care nursing exam. Upon saying good-bye he flashed me that winning smile that I’m sure all who know him are familiar with. I think of him and those he loves often throughout the day, and when I do, I breathe a prayer…. Patrick is truly a gifted individual; God simply cannot be done with him yet.

  7. dawsyw3

    will keep you in prayer and thought.
    Sharon in Davisburg Michigan

  8. csobun

    Nancy and family, We are sending positive thoughts for a complete recovery for Pat.

    Camille and Andy Sobun

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