How can I adequately express my gratitude for the community of support for me and my family that has arisen since Patrick’s accident and death?!

Thank you, I deeply thank every one of you who has grieved with me, prayed for my family, emailed me, read my posts, commented on my posts, come to Patrick’s visitation and funeral, rode in the funeral bike ride, rode in Outpost’s memorial ride the day after Pat’s funeral, brought my family enough delicious dinner each day to feed an army, offered to help in any way, wrote your memories of Patrick, planned and/or attended Laura’s 8th birthday party, sent donations, sent cards, sent opinions to the newspaper, helped bring justice for his death, sent flowers and gifts, called me, distracted me during these hard days, offered distraction for my children, offered guidance and support for my children, and comforted me!!

I assure you that I have read, with love, every single comment and email and card sent my way.  I am beautifully overwhelmed with the heartfelt, sincere writings you have each sent me!  I truly want to write to each and every one of you a personal letter to tell you how specifically you have helped me during this most difficult time.  I hope I will.  I am overcome with emotion each time I begin to respond to any one person.

At times, I go through your messages and soak them in deeply.  At times, I try reading them again but have to stop for fear my grief will explode.  I treasure your messages.  Please, please know that I do!

When I’m at my absolute worst, I try to imagine the love I’ve received from all of you as my net to collapse in and be held until I’m strong again.

I have gained a lot from each of you.

Thank you!