Tragedy Again

Oh my, God!  My family has just received news that my brother Mike’s stepson, four-year-old Carston, just died last night!  I am in utter despair for Mike and Amy, Carston’s mommy.  Amy was just here consoling me, giving me a book, “I Wasn’t Ready To Say Goodbye”.

Oh, Amy and Mike, my heart simply pours out to you!!!

We have set up a website in Carston’s memory also:

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  1. Lisa and Derek

    Oh, NO!!! My heart aches with this news. I wish I could turn back time, and somehow make it not true. My fervent prayers are with you all… especially Amy and Mike!


  2. pbrunett

    Dear Mike and Amy,

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your son! This is a terrible tradgedy. Our prayers are with you and your family. May God strengthen you during this difficult time.

    Patrick Brunett

  3. Kat Skipton

    Sometimes life just doesn't seem fair…

    Again, our hearts go out to your entire family.



    Dear Sawyers-
    My goodness, I am at a loss for words. I do not know you personally, but have followed your story through this tremendous website (I am from Kokomo). It is mind-boggling to me that one family would be made to endure such pain and heartache. It can only mean that you are strong people, capable of handling such tragedies with grace. You have certainly shown nothing but that. Bless your hearts- you are in my thoughts constantly. I know you will get through this, all the while setting an example for those of us that would crumble under such pain.
    With comforting thoughts,
    Betsy Wenz

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